Vijaya Lakshami Puja

Vijaya is a Sanskrit word for victory. Victory does not necessary mean for victory in the battlefield, although we do not want to exclude this association of the word. We are to combat obstacles and hindrances in life. We are to fight against numerous odds. If we worship mother Vijaya Lakshmi and if we can please us by doing Puja properly, we can have her blessings.

For this purpose, you should contact the learned Panditjis who are associated with Online Panditji. These Panditjis are highly educated and they have studied different subjects of which Shastras like Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish and Grahashanti should be mentioned. Twelve years of experience is in their possession. They are expert in doing Puja. You will learn from them. They may be invited to your home for performing Vijaya Lakshmi Puja. They will not refuse, if you are in India. For the people who live in abroad, we have created Puja CDs. You can again feel how our Panditjis do a Puja, if you use Online Live Puja videos.

Online Panditji has been designed for the purpose of spreading knowledge regarding Puja. Our Panditjis can advice you what you should do to overcome any crisis.