Puja To Remove Accidents

We live in a time when we get news of accidents almost daily. Precautionary measures are taken and we are advised and instructed to follow the rules, but accident is an accident only. One may, because of an accident, lose one’s limbs and one may lose one’s life.

Online Panditji is all for teaching Puja and Homam. There are reasons to believe that you can escape an obvious accident if gods or goddesses or Nava Graha are pleased. We have highly reputed Panditjis who are actually brilliant scholars and who have learned Shastras like Grahashanti, Karmakand, Jyotish and Rudrapath. They have the authority to guide you. They can suggest what you should do to remove accidents. They have travelled different countries and they are rich with 12 years of experience.

It is not at all a problem, if you are in India. You can invite them through online Panditji. They will be happy to perform Homam and/or Puja for you at your residence. It is a great experience to watch them doing Puja. You can also learn all about Puja from our Panditjis. You may be living in a country away from India. You can secure our Puja CDs or visit our website for Online Puja Live Videos.