Siddhi Ganesh Temple

Online Panditji has been created with the mission to expand education on how to perform Puja among the Hindus of India who are descendants of the glorious Vedic civilization. We have a set of Panditjis who are highly talented and who have profound knowledge in ancient Shastras including astrology. It should be mentioned that twelve years of experience in this field they do have. They have acquired in-depth knowledge in Shastras like Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish and Grahashanti. Panditjis are highly esteemed and people want to watch them doing Puja for them.

Our Panditjis may be contacted for this purpose. If you stay in India, they can turn up on invitation to do Puja for you. They pronounce the Mantras in Sanskrit perfectly. If you are one of those who are to live in abroad, you can secured our Puja CDs. We have online Puja services too. You can watch our Online Live Puja Videos too.

Our Panditjis will tell you how important Siddhi Ganesha Puja is. In India, Siddhi Ganesha is worshipped in different places. Siddhi Vinayaka Temple in Maharashtra is the most famous of them all. You do Puja and pray to Siddhi Ganesha what you do want. Siddhi Ganesha is known for giving you blessings so that your desire is fulfilled.