Online Panditji is all for Puja, Puja that is conducted for Mangalam of human beings, but Puja that is to be learned from dependable teachers. Online Panditji is, in this respect, fortunate to have numbers of highly talented scholars associated with its mission. People call these scholars Panditji, and they do so rightly indeed. Our Panditjis have learned Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish. They are also rich with twelve years of experience.

Our Panditjis are highly reputed for the Puja services they offer. It is an experience to watch them performing Puja, Puja for securing blessings of gods and goddesses, and again Puja for Graha Shanti. Mantras and procedures of performing Puja for different deities are not always same. They, at first, worship Shri Ganesha, as this is the practice. To the close of the Puja program, they chant Shanti Mantra.

You can watch them performing Puja and learn from it. We have, on behalf of Online Panditji, organized options both for the people living in India and abroad. For the people who live in India, our Panditji will, on invitation, to their house and perform Puja as per requirement. The people who are in abroad can be benefited with our online services like Online Puja Live Videos and Puja CDs too.