Puja for Home and Office

Online Panditji has come forward with wonderful prescriptions which the sages of ancient India have left for human beings. Human beings are to face problems of different kinds, although mostly they want to live a peaceful life. They want to find security, fortune and prosperity, that is, a kind of continuous progress materially and spiritually. They are attached to home and office or working place. Online Panditji believed in the fact that people can achieve this target if they learn and perform Puja and Homam under proper guidance. This is why we want to educate everyone about Puja and Homam.

Online Panditji is proud of its team of scholars, scholars or Panditjis, who have been equipped with profound knowledge in Shastras like Jyotish, Grahashanti, Rudrapath, Karmakand etc. It is a great achievement that they have been engaged in these activities for the last 12 years or more. They have also been invited by the people living in abroad.

If you are, at present, in a foreign country, you should collect our Puja CDs or you should have an access to our Online Puja Live Videos. Our Panditjis are ready to do Puja or Homam for home and office for you, presently, if you are in India.