Opel Stone

Online Panditji is dedicated to teach the people al about Puja, Homam, use of precious stones etc.

There are numbers of Panditjis (actually, scholars of exceptional merit) who have learned astrological science and have also learned how to perform Homam and Puja following the instructions of the Rishis of the ancient India. Karmakand, Grahashanti, Jyotish and Rudrapath are the subjects that hey have studied. They have 12 years of experience with them and they have experiences in providing services in foreign countries.

If you contact or invite them, they will go to your home and will perform Puja and Homam for your Mangalam or benefit. It is necessary for you to know that they will visit your home, if you are residing in India. Online Panditjis have devised Online Puja Live Videos for the people who live in foreign countries. We can ship our Puja CDs to your address too.

You can procure the Opel stone from us. We sell the original Opel stone which comes in black, white, gold blue and red yellow. This stone comes also in excellent designs. If you use this stone, power, stability and beauty will be with you. You can prosper in business, especially in the business in which import, export or tours and travels are associated. The Opel stone ensures you a sure win in any court case.