Nine Planets Pooja

We have studied that Pooja should be done to please nine planets popularly known as Nava Graham. Scholars of excellence are attached to Online Panditji and they are highly esteemed as Panditji. They have traveled different countries for doing Pooja. Online Panditji has been devised for teaching how to worship or how to do Pooja. In this respect, our Panditjis can guide and assist you. They will visit your home and do Pooja for you. This is possible if you are in India. Our Pooja services are also available to you even if your location is outside India. We have Online Pooja Live Videos to which you can access, and we can also dispatch Pooja CDs to your address.

Our Panditjis have experiences of twelve years and they have expertise in different Shastras, Shastras like Rudra Path, KarmKhand, Yajurveda Path, Grahashanti and Jyotish. They have outstanding knowledge in the Vedic astrology. Position of Nava Graha leaves tremendous impact on our life. Panditjis do Nine Planets Pooja to create conditions in which Navagraha Doshas lose their capacity to do any damage. Nava Graha Mantra starts in the following way:

Jawakusumasamkashom Kashyapeyom Mahadyutim I

Dwantarinm Sarbopapvyoh Pronotohsmi Divakaram II