Navratna Ring

The declared mission of Online Panditji is to organize the people to have the knowledge that our predecessors of the ancient Vedic epoch have secured through meditation and Sadhana. This refers to Homam and Puja and all other related things. Online Panditji is rich with a group of highly learned individuals who are called Panditji, popularly.


Panditjis have profound knowledge in astrology of the Indian system. Grahashanti, Jyotish, Rudrapath, Karmakand etc are within their nail’s end. They are properly aware of the activities and functions of the Nine Planets or Navagraha. Panditjis, if you contact them, will go to your home and do Puja for your Mangalam. They will also suggest what you should do to live happily and how you will never feel that you do not have wealth that you want. They will go to your residence, if you live in India. You should watch our Online Puja Live Videos, if you have been living in a foreign country.


You can buy a piece of Navratna Ring from Online Panditji. A Navratna ring means a ring made of nine gems as it has been prescribed by the ancient Rishis. Each of the gems has a function to discharge to shape things of your fortune. The Navratna Ring will ensure your health, prosperity and peace of mind. Our gems are completely natural and those have been certified after testing in the laboratory.