Nakshatra and Tithi for Travelling

Online Panditji has been created to provide training about doing Pooja. We offer services to teach the practices of the ancient Vedic society that has standardized norms for doing Pooja, Yes, we count role of Nakshatra and Tithi for travelling. We have many exceptionally learned individuals who are prepared to show you how Pooja should be done. They have visited foreign countries for the same purpose and years of experiences they do have.

Panditjis who have promised to offer services on behalf of Online Panditji possess intensive knowledge in Shastras like Rudra Path, KarmKhand, Yajurveda Path, Grahashanti and Jyotish. They are masters in Indian astrology. Nakshatra and Tithi (that is, days and stars) play a role when we travel from one place to another.

Our Panditjis understand mystery of moments and that of Tithi and Nakshatra. If you are ready for a journey, it is necessary to know which Tithi and which Nakshatra are auspicious for the travel. It is very important when you would start. Nakshatra like Ashwini, Punarvasu, Hast, Punya, Anuradha, Shravan, Ghanishtha and Revati are said to be good. The same is true for a few days of Krishna and Shukla Paksha. If you follow the prescription, your travel will be free from problems and purpose of the journey will be fulfilled.