Munga Stone

Online Panditji has been armed with numbers of widely learned Panditjis who have secured great understanding about the contributions made by the Indian sages thousands of years ago. Panditjis have unfathomable knowledge in Jyotish, Grahashanti, Rudrapath and Karmakand. They are highly equipped with the age-old subject of Indian astrology which contains functions of the planets and different remedial measures through stones and other things.

You can have them visiting your house or office for doing Homam or Puja, but they will not go in the abroad at present. They have toured different countries for similar mission as is being campaigned by Online Panditji at present. Our Panditjis have preparation of twelve years of experience. We do entertain our international devotees through our Puja CDs that we sell. They can also watch our Online Puja Live Videos. It is important to learn how to perform Homam and Puja.

Munga stones are actually coral stones, available especially in varied colors of red (scarlet, saffron, pink to vermilion red etc). They are also found in white. We can provide the Munga stone in different geometric shapes (round, triangular, cylindrical, heart and oval, for example). Users of Munga stones are gifted with self-confidence, perseverance, courage and ability to solve problems. This stone is also used as health-guard and as provider of security.