Mars in 12th house

People born with Mars in 12th house perhaps are known to have repressed desires and intense emotional reactions. These people can suffer from unresolved anger and rage and might have to deal with family complexes too.

In certain situations, when the anger is not experienced, owned or recognized it tends to be repressed. This way the anger frequently occurs and it usually gets projected outside the person and onto the surroundings. Mars attracts situations where people with Mars in 12th house are found to be victimized. Hence, 12th house represents things which are locked away and repressed.

Fury, temper, anger articulates through repressed feelings and weird fears that turns inmost and develop violent dreams and fantasies. The problem is that those people who can sense this problem of yours will create more problems for you. Hence, there may be troubles through secret enemies or slander.

If your Mars is in 12th, you need to conquer the deep, concealed, inner resentments first. You can even be subjected to some false accusations by your hidden enemies. A sense of aloneness will always prevail. Therefore, it would be important to gain a proper understanding of the life and development of oneness with humanity and live in harmony.

Believe it or not, Mars in the 12th House is not considered an easy placement. A sense of defeat before making any efforts is found to be common. The feelings that their hard efforts won’t be acknowledged or seen or heard will make these people repress themselves. Consider yourself, if you feel weary all the time and you a sense of failure continues and you have a changing attitude towards people around your then your self confidence requires to be boosted in the first place.

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