MahaMrityunjaya Homam

The greatest truth in our life and world is that death is inevitable when one is born. Death is inevitable, but we cannot accept untimely death. Nevertheless, untimely death is very much common in a world where some people do not get adequate medical facilities and others may become victim of street accidents, riots, terrorists attack and even of battle or war. It is important to note that sages of ancient India during the Vedic period have prescribed what we should do to escape from untimely departure from the planet earth. They have asked us to go for MahaMrityunjaya Homam.

Online Panditji is all for educating how to perform Puja and Homam. Our Panditjis at Online Panditji are dedicated to the Hindu religion and rituals. They have read all about Karmakand, Grahashanti, Jyotish and Rudrapath. It is not an ordinary thing to have 12 years of experience like them. They are ready to do MahaMrityunjaya Homam at your house if you invite them. You can watch them worshipping and you can also learn. They will go to your home if the same is within India. For people who are to live away from India, we can provide our Puja CDs and also Online Puja Live Videos.

MahaMrityunjaya Homam is addressed to Shiva who is the deity of Death. If he is pleased, you will not experience any premature death.