Laxmi Pooja Samagri

Lakshi Puja is considered the most important ritual performed during Deepavali or Diwali every year. There are numerous queries related to how to perform Lakshmi Puja right at home. Well, the ritual usually varies from one region to another. However, Online Panditji offers you a simple guide on how to carry out Lakshmi Puja during Deepavali.

On the day of Lakshmi Puja, the 3 forms of Shakti referred to as Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Durga are worshipped. On the other hand, no puja is carried out without the customary tributed to the Lord Ganesha. Online Panditji can help you by performing the Lakshmi Puja on your behalf.

You can participate online live with your friends and family during the puja. Later on we will send you the video of the puja too. Recite the Chalisas and Shlokas which are dedicated to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laksmi. We have qualified panjits to perform every ritual with devotion and care.

The most important items required for Lakshmi Puja includes picture or idol of Goddess Lakshmi, cumin seeds, kalash, puffed rice, coriander seeds, sweets, curd, milk, honey, ghee, mango leaves, sugar, camphor, diya, agarbattis, coconut, akshata, suparis, gulal etc.

Online Panditji has been designed based on a unique idea to provide ease when it comes to performing rituals of any type. Follow our step by step guide to invite Goddess Lakshmi to your house. Whether you choose to do the puja yourself or you choose us to perform the rituals, we at Online Panjitji will ensure flexibility in the total process of the puja.