We are proud of our Panditjis for numbers of reasons. Panditjis who have been attached to Online Panditji are highly esteemed, because they have acquired useful knowledge regarding Pujapath and also regarding remedial measures as described in the Indian astrology that has been followed since the Vedic age. Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish are the subjects in which our Panditjis have profound knowledge. In addition to this they have valuable experience of twelve years.

Kundali means Jatakam or Janmapatri which our Panditjis can prepare when name plus time and place of birth of a new born child is given to them. They can prepare the most perfect kind of Kundali. They can scale the courses of the new born child’s life on the basis of the impact of the stars and planets on him in different times. If they find any position of the celestial bodies that would affect badly for the child, they will perform necessary Puja so that the evil forces become inactive.

Online Panditji has learned to use technology of the day. If you are not within India, you can be benefited with our Puja CDs and with Online Live Puja Videos. You can experience how our Panditjis perform Puja and you can also learn how to do Puja. It is, of course, an opportunity for the people living in India, because for those people, our Panditjis are ready to do Puja in their house for Mangalam of the whole family.