Kamalatmika Puja

We have created Online Panditji to spread teachings of Puja among the people. Puja and Homam we have inherited from our ancient forefathers who have developed this stream of result-orienting material knowledge right from the days of Vedic age. Kamalatmika is the goddess Laxmi and she rewards her devotees with prosperity and fortune. An excellent large lotus is her throne. She holds a pair of lotuses in her lily-white hands and two elephants stand on her both sides showering her with water.

Panditjis of Online Panditji have versatile knowledge in Shastras named Grahashanti, Karmakand, Rudrapath and Jyotish. It is also important to note that they have been working in this field for 12 years. They know how to perform Puja, and even Puja of Devi Kamalatmika.

You can contact them and invite them to perform Puja for you at your residence. They will turn up if your location is India. You will chance to learn how to perform Puja and you will also consider it as a privilege to watch them doing Puja. It may happen that you are not in India at present and you have been residing in abroad. You can purchase Puja CDs from us and/or you can watch our Online Puja Live Videos. Kamalatmika Puja ensures wealth, security, peace and fortune.