Goddess Kali Puja

Worshiping goddess Kali is not a child’s play. Performers of mother Kali must have proper training. It is important to properly pronounce the Chandi stotras, which are Mantras addressed to secure blessing from her, because lapses are not tolerated. Persons doing Goddess Kali Puja must be absolutely sincere and responsible.

You can contact our Panditjis at Online Panditji. They are highly educated and they are unquestionably sincere. Shastras like Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish and Grahashanti are within their reach. They have experiences of twelve years which is again a good thing.

Our Panditjis are prepared to guide you and help you if you want them doing Puja for you at your home, but it can be done if you are in India. It is a kind of great favor for a person, if our Panditjis do Puja for him at his home. You can watch him doing Puja and learn from it. People living in abroad should look for online programs that we have developed in the recent years. You can, in such situation, visit the internet and we have provided Online Live Puja Videos. We do also sell Puja CDs which will also be helping for you.