God Narshimha Puja

King Hiranyakashipu was known for indescribable atrocities and he was killed by Lord Krishna as Shri Narshimha Avatar. Who else he can save us from danger and crisis of life? Hence it is important to learn how God Narshimha is worshiped. Who else the Panditjis attached to Online Panditji can teach you details of the Puja procedures?

Online Panditji is proud of Panditjis who work for us and who have exceptional talent in performing Puja. They are rich with the knowledge laid down in Shastras known as Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish and Grahashanti. Besides this, they possess experience of twelve years. You can learn from them how to do Puja and God Narshimha Puja too. Online Panditjis has been created to spread education regarding Puja and Homam.

To get services of our Panditjis, you can contact them over phone call or through emails. Panditjis visit the home of the Indian residents to perform Puja. For those who want to watch our Panditjis doing Puja can have an access to Online Live Puja Videos that we have begun. Puja CDs can also be secured from our office. Our Panditjis are highly reputed for in-depth knowledge in Indian astrology. They can guide you and assist you if you are in crisis.