Garuda Bahini Temple

Garuda Bahini Temple is a famous temple where the Hindus of the Indian subcontinent worship goddess Laxmi. The devotees go to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The deity in this temple is known as goddess Laxmi who is again wife of Lord Vishnu. The goddess is worshipped and people want her blessings so that Kalsarpa Dosha is removed. Garuda Bahini Puja is of great importance for this reason.

Kalsarpa Dosha is noticed in some Janmo Patri or Kundali where the all the planets, (that is, nine planets), come within the path of Rahu and Ketu. The result is loss of wealth, disturbance in getting success, crisis in progeny etc. Panditjis of Online Panditji are expert in astrology of ancient India and they have studied Jyotish and also Rudrapath, Karmakand and Grahashanti. They are brilliant scholars and they possess twelve years of experience.

You can contact them to perform Puja. They are ready to attend you and advice you properly. You can have our Panditjis doing Puja at your residence if you are in India. For persons living in abroad can secure our Puja CDs and they can also watch the Puja through our Online Puja Live Videos. Garuda Bahini Puja is of great importance for this reason.