First Haircut Puja, Mundan Pooja

First haircut Puja is an age old tradition followed by the Hindus. The first hair removal Puja is also known as Chadakarana or Mundan ceremony. The first haircut is carried out in full Vedic Method to remove any dearth developed in the child before his or her birth. According to the ritual, baby’s head is shaven and the hair is collected in a coconut half and then offered to Goddess Durga. This depends mainly on the family’s custom.

Among Hindus, the third most important occasion after the birth of the child is Chadakarana or Mundan. The first and second most significant ceremony includes Namakarana and Annaprasana. Mundan ceremony can be performed in the 1st year or 3rd year or 5th year of the child. But, it is usually carried before completion of the 3 years of the baby’s age.

Mundan ceremony is generally organized for the boy babies. However, with changing times, it has developed to be a common practice done for the girl child as well. Proper Mundan or Chadakarana ceremony generally involves 3 major rituals which can take more than an hour’s time. The parents of the child have to worship Ganesh or God Ganapati and a barber shaves the head of the child. Havan is another key ritual with includes devotional prayers.

During the Havan, Ayushya home mantras are chanted followed next with Arati that concludes the whole ceremony. Don’t worry if you are staying abroad and want to conduct the Mundan of your son or daughter religiously. We at Online Panditja can organize the Mundan with Havan and mantra chanting. We have qualified pandits or people who will conduct the ritual live online. Your entire family can take part in the rituals sitting at home. We will make all arrangements for the Puja and a video of the same will be sent to you too.

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