Chandi Maha Kali Puja

Online Panditji has been designed to provide you Puja services and to spread the knowledge of doing Puja widely among the people. Services from Online Panditji are available both to the people living in India and also to those who live in abroad. Our mission is to teach the people how to perform Puja. We are proud to state that numbers of highly learned Panditjis are tied to us at Online Panditji. They are ready to visit your home if you have a residence in India and if you invite them through emails. You will feel fortunate if you find our Panditjis doing Puja for you at your house.

Online services we also have developed to assist the people living away from the soil of India. You can have ac access to our Online Live Puja Videos for watching how or Panditjis do Puja. You can also learn from the same. We do sell Puja CDs and we can ship them to your address.

Our Panditjis greatly qualified. They have learned Rudrapath, Karmakand, Jyotish, Grahashanti and other Shastras. Twelve years of experience they do have.

Chandi Maha Kali Puja refers to worship of goddess Maha Kali who is also known as Chandi Maha Kali. Removal of darkness and end of evil forces and evil days are what can be won if you worship Devi Chandi Maha Kali. Devi Chandi Maha Kali is usually worshiped on the black moon night when the earth is covered with total darkness.