Bhubaneshowri Puja

We have created Online Panditji with the purpose of spreading all types of Puja that have been practiced in India since the dawn of civilization, that is, from the Vedic age. Bhubaneshowri Puja is very important. Teaching how to do Puja is our mission. We are proud to announce that a group of highly learned persons whom we call Panditji are with us. They have been equipped with twelve years of experience. They have profound knowledge in Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish. We offer guidance, advices and solutions to benefit the people who face problems in office or at home.

Our Panditjis have visited countries abroad to show how to do Puja. They are dedicated to render unique kind of Puja services for you. You can mail us through the internet. Panditjis are ready to go to your house to do Puja, if you are in India. We have electronic devices to assist the people who are in abroad. Our Online Puja Live Videos can be accessed for this purpose and you can also collect our Puja CDs.

‘Om Hreem Bhubaneswaraye Hreem Namah’ is the Mantra for the goddess Bhubaneshowri. Fear of any kind is dispelled and fortune plus peace is ensured if this goddess is worshiped.