Online Panditji has decided to educate the people what they should do to have peace and prosperity in life following Indian tradition of Puja. Scholars of great reputation are associated with Online Panditji and they are known as Panditjis. They have wonderful preparation in offering services to the people by performing Puja and they have twelve years of experience. Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish are the Shastras that they have studied. Panditjis have mastered in Indian school of astrology.

It is believed that destiny of human beings are tied to planetary movement. Position of Sun, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and other planets in the Jatakam Kundali of a person determines how he or she can perform and what things may happen in his or her life. Panditjis can advise you which things you should do at what time and what Puja must be done to remove impact of evil forces to derive best yields.

Yes, evil forces can be made inactive if you perform Puja or if you invited Panditjis to perform Puja. Panditjis are prepared to come to your house to conduct Homam and Puja so that you can live in peace and fortune smiles upon you. It is possible if you reside in India. It is again no problem if you are away from India. Online Panditji provides Online Live Puja Videos and you can buy our Puja CDs. You can watch our Panditji performing Puja and you can learn how to do Puja.