Asta Lakshmi Puja

We have special services with Asta Lakshmi Puja. Asta Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity and wealth. Panditjis, persons with extra-ordinary learning, are with us at Online Panditji. They have achieved unquestionable expertise in doing Puja and also providing solutions for earthly problems that people face in daily life. We want to ensure peace for you at home and in your office. Online Panditji has been devised to teach the people how to worship. For residents of India, it is good that our Panditjis can go to their home to do Puja, whenever they will contact us at Online Panditji. For others who are in a country beyond the border of India, it is also good that we have made online provisions. You can avail Puja CDs that we have designed. You can also watch our Puja through Online Live Puja Videos.

Panditjis who are attached to Online Panditji are highly esteemed for their knowledge in Karmakand, Rudrapath, Grahashanti and Jyotish. It is another thing that they have been equipped with twelve years of experience. They can do Asta Lakshmi Puja for you and ensure eight kinds of earthly riches (food, money, education, courage, success, progeny etc). While worshiping Asta Lakshmi, the following Mantra is pronounced:

Sumanasavandita sundari madhavi candra sahodari hemamaye |
Muniganamandita mokShapradAyinima~njulabhashini vedanute ||